The Partnership

The South West Climate Change Portal is a collaboration between the councils of the Great South Coast (under the Climate Resilient Communities of the Barwon South West project) and the Corangamite and Glenelg-Hopkins Catchment Management Authorities, in partnership with the Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation. The portal is an enabling and information tool with a key target audience being the south-west region’s planners and those working directly with the region’s community stakeholder groups.

To achieve this, the portal:

  • Provides regional information on the projected changes in climate and its likely impact on the region’s economic, social and environmental assets
  • Provides guidance in developing adaptation and mitigation actions to address the impact of climate change on the region’s economic, social and environmental assets
  • Identifies priority landscapes for carbon plantings and other carbon sequestration methods, as well as strategies to build landscape integrity
  • Provides guidance for regional decision-making, community engagement and research needs to improve understanding of the impact of climate change, and how we can manage those impacts.

The portal incorporates all relevant climate change data and information, with the ability to include new information as it becomes available. Community groups and regional stakeholders can use the portal for planning and developing projects that address climate change, can build on this information through adaptive learnings and are able to search for relevant information by either location and/or topic.

The portal promotes the sharing of knowledge and information throughout the south-west in the hope that all climate change projects, data and information in the south-west will be added to the portal over time.