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Heatwaves and Social Vulnerability

Greater Geelong City

Surf Coast Shire

This project will identify and build on the levels of resilience of those who are most vulnerable from a social perspective to the impacts of heatwaves and increased heat within the City of Greater Geelong and Surf Coast Shire.


Bellarine Peninsula and Corio Bay - Coastal Climate Change Risk Assessment

Greater Geelong City

Borough of Queenscliffe

The Bellarine Peninsula and Corio Bay Coastal Climate Change Risk Assessment project will build capacity of coastal communities State/Local Government, and service authorities to use climate change information along with coastal hazard data to assess risk and prepare adaptation responses.


Enabling Adaptation Action for Vulnerable Rural Persons

Southern Grampians Shire


This project investigates means to increase capacity of vulnerable rural populations to better plan for the impacts of climate variability and change, which all have ramifications on human health, and many indirect consequences. Impacts are already being experienced in rural Victorian populations and management is required.


‘How Well Are We Adapting’

Wyndham City

Brimbank City, City of Greater Geelong, Hobsons Bay City, Maribyrnong city, Melton city, Moonee Valley City, Moorabool Shire

Research and development of (a) a framework to monitor, evaluate and report on councils’ climate adaptation performance in key services, including a set of tested performance indicators, and (b) best-practice tools for reporting to the community on climate adaptation performance.


Roadside Biodiversity Value Mapping for Bushfire Risk Roadsides

Glenelg Shire


Glenelg Shire Council biodiversity value mapping for bushfire risk roadsides. Preparing Glenelg Shire Council to adapt for Climate Change, with biodiversity flora and fauna mapping to protect roadside vegetation in bushfire risk areas.


Building Adaptive Capacity on Roadsides

Golden Plains Shire


The adaptability of Victoria’s native biodiversity is reliant on vital habitat connectivity. Roadsides provide important connectivity between larger areas of native vegetation, and often the only functional habitat. Strategic management is required to reconcile roadsides functional roles and conservation values.


Moyne Shire Coastal Hazard Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Moyne Shire


In consultation with the community, prepare a Climate Adaption Plan for the Port Fairy coastline in response to the hazards identified in the Port Fairy Local Coastal Hazard Assessment.


Community Action on Climate Change in Queenscliffe and Point Lonsdale

Queenscliffe Borough


Support the Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale communities to manage their climate risks through co-ordinated community action. A partnership of community members will increase community understanding of climate risks, which will assist residents to make effective decisions regarding climate change.