South West Priorities

Regional priorities action can help the whole region move towards a climate ready future. They have been developed by assessing all available information to develop recommended actions to improve adaptation responses. They have been prepared with guidance from organisations such as CSIRO, AdaptNRM, NCCARF, SCARP, other NRM regions and through consultation with regional experts.

They are designed to be broad and provide guidance for adapting to climate change.

Each action listed has a lead stakeholder and supporting stakeholder/s. The action’s capacity to improve a natural asset’s adaptation potential is also provided. This will assist the reader to readily identify actions by natural asset. It also provides an overview of what actions will be single focused (i.e. address the adaptation capacity of one natural asset) or those which are multi-focused.

Each action has been prioritised to help focus future strategic directions for adapting the region’s natural assets to climate change.

High – action is recommended to occur within the next 1-2 years to coincide with the development of regional biodiversity strategies and the Victorian Government’s state-wide Adaptation Plan.

Medium – action is recommended to occur within the next 3-4 years to coincide with the review of the CMA's waterway strategies and development of the next regional catchment strategies.

Low – action is recommended to occur >5 years from the release of this plan and/or are actions that will be needed with the increasing impact of climate change on the region’s natural assets.

*Glenelg-Hopkins CMA and Corangamite CMA will provide priority actions for the south west over the next few months. For a list of priorities at a regional scale please refer to each respective CMA's climate strategy (