Planning for Climate Change

Understanding Climate Change Policy

This section explores the different policies, at both a national and state level, that are relevant to addressing climate change impacts on the region’s natural assets. more...

Climate Resilient Communities

The Climate Resilient Communities of the Barwon South West project is a joint collaboration between 10 local governments, the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and a range of statutory agency partners, including Water Authorities, Catchment Management Authorities and VicRoads. more...

Planning for South West's Natural Assets

This section explores strategic directions to enable the region to embrace a climate ready future. While cultural shifts are needed at all levels of NRM, there are already approaches being implemented across the region addressing climate change, through the delivery of a wide variety of adaptation and carbon sequestration projects.

Future Landscapes - Central Highlands of Victoria
Land Capability Assessment - Glenelg Hopkins CMA
Our Coasts

Adaptation pathways

Planning for climate change requires a shift from what are usually considered normal and traditional planning approaches with one final outcome, towards another that considers multiple possible outcomes. Approaches such as ‘adaptation pathways’ can help us think through and plan for multiple possible futures. more...