Understanding Climate Change Policy

Key Messages

  • Australia has a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 5 per cent below 2000 levels by 2020
  • Victoria is developing a Climate Change Adaptation Plan, has reviewed the state’s Climate Change Act 2010 and is developing an emission reduction target
  • Catchment Management Authorities have developed regional climate change strategies that will be used to inform all future NRM planning, including each CMA's respective Regional Catchment Strategy
  • Local Government Authorities are developing Adaptation Plans that are addressing climate risk, vulnerability and developing adaptation options for local government to implement.


This section explores the different policies, at both a national and state level, that are relevant to addressing climate change impacts on the region’s natural assets.

Government climate legislation and programs continue to be amended as climate change policy shifts. As such, the currency of information in this section may be only short lived. Readers are encouraged to refer to the links of relevant websites that have been provided to access the most up-to-date policy information.

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