Queenscliff Coastal Inundation

Slider 1 – Point Lonsdale Foreshore: the site was regularly impacted during storm events and king tides. There has been a significant increase in the maintenance and repair of the sea wall in recent years to stabilise the wall and pathways. Works in 2015 included replacement of cap stones, remediation of erosion under and behind the wall, and repointing of the stone work.

Slider 2 –  Point Lonsdale Back Beach: storm events and king tides caused significant damage to the beach entry point on multiple occasions. The lower part of this important beach access point was washed away during a major storm event in 2009. In 2011, Council installed a new walkway and ramp structure using a design that would prove more resilient during storm surges. The design and installation costs totalled $160,000. There has been no damage recorded to the new entry point to date.